Must Love Woodwork: $25M Orlando Mansion Filled With Intricate Carvings

Must Love Woodwork: $25M Orlando Mansion Filled With Intricate Carvings

A intensely customized lakefront house in Orlando, FL , took a decade to build, at a cost of $8 million.

Today, the home, known as Entrelagos , is on the market for $25 million.

Unique is the word that the listing agent, Richard Dempsey , uses to describe the 14,706-square-foot home.

“I’ve shown it to numerous people that have heard about the house and have always wondered about it,” he says. “Without fail, people just say, ‘I run out of words to describe this place, it’s absolutely stunning.’”

Construction on the home began in 1999 and employed the use of artisans half a world away.

“Almost every bit of the finishing on the interior of the property is done with woodwork that was hand-carved by Filipino artisans and then shipped to the site,” he says.

“There’s a large theater, and the tops of the columns in there are all hand-carved and painted replicas of logos for MGM and Disney and Universal and all the studios,” Dempsey says. “The front doors to the theater are hand-carved with the likenesses of probably 100 different artists and actors. You could stand there for an hour and not see everybody. It’s really remarkable.”

For overnight guests who want to take in the splendor, there’s a separate three-bedroom guesthouse, and staff quarters over the five-car garage offer an additional two more sleeping spaces.

In the main house, each bedroom has its own veranda. The main bedroom has great garden and lake views and comes with a small kitchen and laundry area.

To traverse the structure, a grand spiral staircase connects the home’s three floors and creates an interior balcony. If you don’t feel like trudging up the steps, there’s also an elevator.

“One of the most spectacular parts of the house is the spiral staircase through the library,” Dempsey explains. “In the library, there are a number of classic works that have been carved inside those columns.”

Whoever decides to step up to the plate must buy into the home’s aesthetic, because Dempsey told us many of the carvings are on structural elements. A buyer might opt to eliminate the home’s decorative elements, but it would require a lot of work.

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