26-Year-Old Billionaire Buys $83 Million Pacific Palisades Mansion

26-Year-Old Billionaire Buys $83 Million Pacific Palisades Mansion

Move over Kylie Jenner , there’s a new 20-something billionaire on the block and he’s kicking it in a house that would even make her blush — a hilltop mansion with a view … an $83 MILLION view!!!

This badass pad — that looks like a mountaintop fortress from a ‘Bond’ movie — belongs to Austin Russell , the 26-year-old founder of a company called Luminar.

Anyway, check out how he’s spending his dough … 20,000 sq. feet in L.A.’s ritzy Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Yeah, it’s got 6 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, but its best feature is that freakin’ view.

The home actually sits on a measly 1 acre of land, but what an acre!!! Austin bought it back in July, according to The Dirt , which first reported his big real estate score.

As for how a guy so young was able to score this spread? Forbes calls him the “youngest self-made” billionaire and estimates his net worth at $1.7 billion — a nice little nest egg he earned when Luminar went public a year ago.

Austin’s company designs laser-based radar sensors that keep self-driving cars from slamming into things.

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