Mansion with links to Henry VIII with own stables and medieval courtyard on the market for £5.5 million

Mansion with links to Henry VIII with own stables and medieval courtyard on the market for £5.5 million

The beautiful home is full of surprises It’s no secret that London is home to some of the most sought after properties in the world. From stylish terraces to modern mansions, the capital certainly has something for everyone when it comes to finding your forever home.

Something key about London properties is that many of them are steeped in a rich and mysterious history – well this home is no exception. This stunning Georgian mansion in Henley-on-Thames up for grabs through Dexters , with links to the most famous king British history has ever seen.

Longlands House in Henley-on-Thames is a Grade II Listed, six bedroom property, on Hart Street, just 120 yards from the River Thames where the Henley Royal Regatta takes place every year. On sale for £5,500,000, the property has a fascinating history.

Although the building has a stately 18th Century façade, the house was built in the 1400s for John Longland, the Bishop of Lincoln. He was King Henry VIII’s confessor and the man supposedly responsible for persuading the king to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Whilst much of Longlands House was built from 1786 onwards, the original 15th Century stables and medieval courtyard remain today. The stables have since been transformed into a 1,275 sq. ft self-contained cottage, set over three floors with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and an office.

Clive Hemsley, the owner of Longlands for the past 20 years, explained how the garden has an additional benefit: “When the Henley Royal Regatta is held annually, the courtyard has enough space to fit 10 cars. You can invite all your friends round to watch the race as the finish line is visible from the roof garden in the main house.” He added: “We love the house, but now that our children are grown up, we’re looking to downsize. We have a place further south and just don’t use the space as much as we used to. Forget rooms, there are whole floors I don’t go into!

“The fact that it’s just 120 yards away from the Thames makes it a real gem. You’re unlikely to find a Georgian house outside London this size unless you take a trip to Bath.” Located next to the parish church, the 4,467 sq. ft building has been used commercially since the 1970s, initially for Brakspear Brewery, then as an investment firm and ultimately as the head office for Hemsley’s own advertising agency.

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