This stunning mansion could be yours for £1million – but there is something HORRIFYING inside

This stunning mansion could be yours for £1million – but there is something HORRIFYING inside

A STUNNING mansion that sits upon a beautiful open lake is up for grabs for £1million.

But despite seeming like an ideal home for those keen on an expensive summer fishing trip, this property holds a horrifying secret. The secrets of the stunning mansion is far from a dead giveaway The property is filled with taxidermy from every corner of the animal kingdom A number of stag heads are primed on the walls Meanwhile a giant giraffe stands as the centrepiece of the living room The exterior of the huge property in the Cold Spring, Minnesota screams grandeur and is laden with finely crafted doorways and windows.

Yet, it’s appearance from the outside does little to prepare house hunters for what to expect inside.

Potential buyers will be saddled with wall-to-wall, celling to celling taxidermy with an ensemble that would put Noah’s ark to shame.

Incredible images from inside the lakeside home includes a hippo head coffee table, rhino leg bar stools, hide-strewn pool table and a collection of bears.

Dears, lions crocodiles and wolves all make up the open plan living room – with an imposing giraffe as the centrepiece.

Make your way through the wood cladded super cabin and viewers will soon be met with more members of the animal kingdom as a zebra’s head guards the back door.

Continuing into the bedroom and buyers can lie awake with the watchful eye of an otter as well as a sloth.

And anyone who fancies a quiet dinner for one will be disanointed – contending with the company of an antelope, a ferret and rather angry looking bull. In a break from form, the spare room is also kitted out with animals of a fluffier nature – including three shelves of teddy bears. In fact- one of the only spaces away from any animal action is the property’s four bathrooms where house hunters can take a much needed breather from the macabre safari tour. According to Racket , the four bedroom, 7,458-square-foot home was built in 1995 and has been on and off the market since 2018. Estate agents describe the property as “impeccably designed from the lighting, glass block, stone & woods throughout this absolute showcase.” The description notes that the home features floor-to-ceiling windows, four fireplaces, a wine cellar, jacuzzi, walk in wardrobe, four-car garage, and a sandy fronted lake that is all encompassed on the 6.5-acre lot. However, it somehow avoids mentioning the seemingly endless parade of dead animals inside.

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