One Of The Most Historic Mansions in Central NY Could Soon Be Yours

One Of The Most Historic Mansions in Central NY Could Soon Be Yours

A piece of history is up for sale in Central New York and you could be the next proud owner of the property. Coldwell Banker – Timberland Properties Known to many as the Edgewater, the mansion is often regarded as Cooperstown’s most important historic home. It dates all the way back to the early 1810’s, where it was built by Issac Cooper. That’s the brother to James Fenimore Cooper, famous author known for writing ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.

The house was remodeled in the late 19th century, but most recently was returned to its “Federal style” in the 1920’s. It’s played host to a number of famous artists, writers, sports writers and even Presidents from the homes first creation until today. Coldwell Banker – Timberland Properties On the property includes a main house, guest house, green house, and 19th century ice house. The main house is 7000 square feet, 2 stories tall and fit with eight bedrooms, eight fireplaces, a commercial kitchen and large pantry. One of the most notable features of the home is the dynamic double curved staircase.

The guest cottage is three bedrooms and completely renovated. All surfaces are refinished with new paper and paint, leaving the home in beautiful condition.

Step back into 19th century Central New York and take a tour of the property for yourself. It comes in at a whopping $2.4 million, so tell us if it’s worth that much money to you. This history of the property alone is intriguing, but if the price is right… maybe you could be calling this place home yourself.

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