Jake Paul explains why he’s selling the Team 10 Mansion and leaving LA

Jake Paul explains why he’s selling the Team 10 Mansion and leaving LA

YouTube: Jake Paul YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul is finally selling his infamous Team 10 mansion in a surprising decision to leave Los Angeles after living nearly six years in the city.

Jake Paul’s Team 10 mansion has set the stage for bombastic internet drama for quite some time now. Initially meant to house his now-defunct content collective ‘Team 10,’ the sprawling estate has since become a personal playground for himself, his friends, and their over-the-top shenanigans.

However, it seems that Paul is turning the page on a new chapter in his life, as announced in a YouTube video on December 30.

In his video, Paul announced that he is selling the Team 10 mansion, which is located in Calabasas, California. That’s not all; the star also revealed that he’s moving out of the Los Angeles area, entirely.

According to Paul, his newfound status as a professional boxer is forcing him to focus on the sport full-time — and to become the best fighter he can, he needs to do away with the distractions that Los Angeles brings. (So, no more quarantine parties? )

“I have set many goals for myself throughout my life,” he explained. “One of them was to become the biggest vlogger… This next goal is to become the biggest prize fighter in the world. That’s a large shoe to fill, and the only way to step into it is to fully immerse myself as a legitimate fighter.”

That being said, the YouTube star admitted that it isn’t easy letting his $7 million home go to a new owner, noting that “some of the best times of my life have been at this house.”

As for where Paul is moving? The influencer wasn’t specific, but he did hint that there are several houses in multiple areas of the United States that he’s currently looking into, claiming he’s “taking it day-by-day” at the moment.

Considering his passion for fighting, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he chooses to make his new home in Las Vegas, nor if he moved back to his home state of Ohio.

For now, it looks like the Paul brothers will be living apart, having both lived in California for years. While Jake’s next home is uncertain, one thing is for sure — his neighbors are bound to be happy about this development!

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