Massive Yakima 112-Year-Old Mansion Is For Sale for $1.45M [VIEW]

Massive Yakima 112-Year-Old Mansion Is For Sale for $1.45M [VIEW]

I have been inside the Rosedell House a couple of times and I fell in love with it instantly. It has operated as a bed and breakfast for many years but now it is up for sale and no longer available for rent.

My most memorable experience inside the Rosedell House was about eleven years ago when two friends of mine held their engagement party there. My memory of the party is a bit hazy all these years later, but I do remember gazing at the humongous pillars on the outside of the gigantic home, being awed by the massively tall ceilings, and having the sense that the house was very, very old. It felt opulent on the inside, with lovely views from the oversized windows and light fixtures. One could literally walk in through the front door and instantly feel like you had just stepped into a portal into Yakima history that had occurred within the walls over the decades. (Construction on the Barge-Chestnut area home was completed in 1909.)

The Rosedell Bed & Breakfast mansion is for sale along with 1.2 acres and ten, count ’em, 10 bedrooms, seven (7) bathrooms, and two (2) fireplaces. It is going for nearly 1.5 million dollars! It even comes with separate living quarters called the Carriage House, which has been zoned for a single-family residence.

You can see this massive home from the curb on Yakima Ave near Park Ave. My friend who had her engagement party there now lives across the street in her own stately home. Every time I go over to her house to visit, I look fondly over across the street to the Rosedell Bed and Breakfast and wonder who will be lucky enough to purchase the estate and move in.

Check out all 94 pics of the Rosedell (Bed and Breakfast) mansion photo gallery AND view the 3-D tour from Zillow here . Amy Maib, Keller Williams Realty via Zillow

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