Here are all of the quirky things in Cara Delevingne’s mansion

Here are all of the quirky things in Cara Delevingne’s mansion

The vagina tunnel. Model and actress Cara Delevingne gave a grand tour of her “fantastical” LA home for Architectural Digest and the space can only be described as eccentric and “quirky,” glaring with excess that only money can buy. With secret doors, plenty of clashing patterns, and kitschy items galore, it gives the feel of a Meow Wolf exhibit rather than an adult’s home. Here’s a rundown of the wildest items in Delevingne’s house: A rotisserie chicken oven, kept from the former owners of the home.

A pink razor scooter, so that she can move from her bedroom to the kitchen without having the step on the “hard” floors too much.

A clear piano that she says she regularly plays in the nude

A Playboy pinball machine, for her own Playboy mansion

The pièce de résistance: a door that opens to a “vagina tunnel” embellished with what looks like a single pink boa and a plush, pearl-shaped ball. At the bottom of the tunnel is a pink dryer door that leads to another room in the house.

A yonic bouquet of pink flowers

The thick bamboo bunk bed she brought from her former home she shared with her sister, Poppy

A projector that can be used to, in her words, watch “cinematic” films such as anything with David Attenborough and Avatar . Yes, that Avatar .

A circus-colored ball pit

A room full of different kooky hats that she forces guests to wear while in her home

What she calls her David Lynch-inspired red poker table, that looks like any other poker table

A David Bowie-themed bathroom? With a Ziggy Stardust mask, lots of pictures of Bowie, and also Japanese puzzle boxes, because where else would she put them?

Two in-ground trampolines in the backyard And finally, a suede-covered room she calls the “Pussy Palace,” fit with a swing and pink handcuffs lying on the bed. All of the random items aside, each room has a different theme and look, with mix and matched patterns and an intentional lack of cohesion in throughout the house. Delevingne designed the home with architect Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture, explaining that the inspiration comes from her life and work as a model and actor. “My work requires me to put on many different hats and costumes,” she says. “I love slipping into these various characters, so I wanted my home to reflect lots of different themes and moods.” Architectural Digest toured Cara and her sister Poppy’s jungle-themed home they shared back in 2019, featuring lots of palm wallpaper, bamboo furniture, and plants.

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