Inside America’s Largest Abandoned Mansion Once Owned by Titanic Investor

Inside America’s Largest Abandoned Mansion Once Owned by Titanic Investor

A video that showcases an abandoned mansion that belonged to an investor in the ill-fated Titanic has gone viral.

Footage of the stunning stately home was posted to TikTok by @forbiddenadventures and shows the interior of Lynnewood Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The home was built between 1897 and 1900 for U.S. tycoon Peter Arrell Browne Widener, who was an investor in the Titanic —the ship that tragically sunk, killing more than 1,500 people in 1912.

In the video, which was posted on June 17, viewers are taken on a tour of the lavish home , which begins with a shot of the neo-classical building from the luscious grounds.

The overlaid text reads: “This is the largest abandoned mansion in America with over 110 rooms.”

We are then shown the ornate stucco ceilings and grand hallway, as the commentary reads: “Belonging to an investor of the Titanic.

“The same boat that sunk on April 14-15th 1912”

Next, the camera pans around the chapel inside the home, with painted ceilings and walls with gilded decoration, as well as rows wooden of pews.

The text explains: “Amongst the 1,500 people that lost their lives that day so did the owners son and grandson who were on the ship.”

Showing off more of the lavish, but largely unfurnished, property the TikTok creator adds: “This beautiful mansion has sat mostly vacant for the last 70 years.

“Estimated cost 8,000,000 just to restore it.”

The video has since been viewed more than 9.9 million times, and surpassed 1.2 million likes.

Many rushed to the comments section to share their excitement at the tour of the home.BooBear_95 wrote: “8 mill to restore it? Nah fam that’s move in ready!”Emmalynn3710 commented: “Anybody else think this oddly looks like the Beauty and the Beast mansion.Diapers Comfy FTW added: “If I had the money I would restore it and it has 110 rooms. I only want 1, so 109 rooms available. It would be a historic B&B.”Ethan Hanofa typed: “Grew up less than 100ft from it lol may or may not have seen the inside multiple times.”The same content creator also uploaded a video that gives a more in-depth tour of the home onto Youtube .Under the name Jays Forbiddenexplorations, the footage has so far garnered 54,717 views.According to, Peter Widener died in his bed in the Lynnewood Hall in 1915, supposedly from grief, three years after his eldest son George, and his son Harry died while traveling on the Titanic.When Peter’s youngest son died years later, the home was left abandoned until 1948 when it was purchased by a property developer.It was then sold to the Faith Theological Seminary in 1952, which sold much of its interior assets.It has since laid dormant, having been put on the market for $20 million back in 2014, and then for $11 million in 2017.Contrary to the TikTok video, Mary DeNadai, an architect who specializes in historic restoration, estimated it would cost $50 million to repair. Related Articles

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