Palm Beach mansion sells for $10.5M

Palm Beach mansion sells for $10.5M

A landlocked mansion in Palm Beach sold for $10.5 million as home values in the wealthy town continue climbing.

The Carol Victoria Oelsner Baker Trust, with Victoria O. Baker as trustee, sold the 5,276-square-foot home at 145 Clarendon Ave. to 145 Clarendon LLC, which listed an address as One Pickwick Plaza, Second Floor, Greenwich, Connecticut and is managed by attorney Christopher Uzpen . Uzpen is registered with the state of New York to represent Interactive Brokers Group, which is based at that same address in Greenwich. He also does wealth management and estate planning.

It’s not clear who directly owns the LLC.

The price equated to $1,990 per square foot. It was an off-market deal.

Victoria Baker is a broker with Sotheby’s International Realty in Palm Beach. She couldn’t be reached for comment. Her father was in the maritime industry and her grandfather founded United States Navigation Co.

Baker and her then-husband, the late Anthony Baker, bought the home for $1.23 million in 1997. It was built on the 0.55-acre site in 1951.

The home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool.

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