$18 Million Mansion Has Floating Driveway, Full NFT Art Gallery

$18 Million Mansion Has Floating Driveway, Full NFT Art Gallery

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital pieces on the blockchain that can be anything from sculpture and music, to paintings, real estate and experiences. The NFT market is booming right now, to the point where analysts are predicting NFTs to be “the future.”

As regards art, NFTs have the advantage of space. Because they don’t exist in the physical realm, you can collect a whole bunch of them and not worry about storage space like you would with paintings, for instance. When it comes to displaying them, a smart display on a wall can house whichever piece you want at any given time, so you can rotate them at will. This is what Braunstein does with his own collection – and what he hopes the future owner of this $18 million mansion in the heart of Los Angeles, California, will do.

Colossal Properties is listing this house with David Parnes and James Harris of The Agency for $17,995,000, but feel free to round that up to $18 million. In the Instagram below, Harris is giving a tour of the manse to The Robb Report, including a better look at this much-hyped NFT art gallery : on Meural Canvas frames by Netgear, a full set from WhIsBe’s “Vandal Gummy” collection in rainbow colors is displayed. The gummy bears come with the house, with reports online putting the value of the entire set somewhere around $1 million.

But that’s not the only highlight of the property . The house, designed by famed architect Hagy Belzberg and completed this year, sits perched atop Sunset Boulevard. Access through the gate is done through a winding driveway described in the listing as a “runway.” Soaring at 30 feet (9.2 meters) over the ground, it gives you the impression you’re taking flight as you’re driving toward the home.

At the end of the driveway is the motorcourt, which, in keeping with the modern vibe of the entire place, has a well-disguised turntable in the middle. You can use it to turn your car after you exit the nearby three-car garage, or for the more superficial purpose of showing off your most prized item to your guests. The living wall right next to it will make for a very special background.

Details or photos of the garage are not offered in the listing, except to note that it can house three vehicles. Considering the attention to detail apparent on the entire property, it’s safe to assume it’s air-controlled and very luxurious .

The house itself offers 9,418 square feet (875 square meters) of living space across three stories. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and a living that spans the entire ground floor. In addition to that, it counts on two interior bars, a cinema room that can also serve as an entertaining / games room or a nightclub, two professional kitchens (one hidden behind the other), wine cellar, incredible views all around, an infinity pool with a spa area and two more bars, and even an interior […]

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