See a Wild ‘Star Wars’-Themed Theater in a Mansion Owned by a Gospel Music Superstar

See a Wild ‘Star Wars’-Themed Theater in a Mansion Owned by a Gospel Music Superstar

The force is certainly with a stately home that sits on almost 2 acres in Raleigh, NC .

Beyond the “Star Wars” connection, the home has another tie to a higher power. For over 20 years, the Queen of Gospel Music has lived in the house, which is now available for $1.55 million.

“This house is owned by the legendary Shirley Caesar . She is 83 years old and is an amazing person,” says the listing agent, Kerie Lord .

Caesar is a native of Durham, NC, who has won 11 Grammy Awards, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 2017. She’s released more than 40 albums since she began recording music in 1951 and is in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

“She has decided to downsize. This house is 8,759 square feet, which is huge,” Lord says. “It’s four stories, and there’s no master on the first floor, so she’s looking to get something a little bit smaller with a first-floor bedroom, so she doesn’t have to tackle the stairs.” ‘Star Wars’ theater in home in Raleigh, NC Concession stand ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Theater entrance ( Mammoth Hammer Media) When Caesar moves, she’ll leave behind the key feature that compelled her to buy the place a couple of decades ago.

“When she was looking for a house, it took her a while to find something. When she walked up to that to that theater room, that’s what sold her on the house,” Lord explains.

The owners who built the house in 1993 created the theater area, which Lord says cost upward of $300,000.

“[Caesar] has not touched anything in that house, and she hasn’t touched anything in the theater,” she adds.

It includes a flashing marquee, a dozen purple velvet seats, purple walls, a teal ceiling, “Star Trek” logos, and life-sized “Star Wars” characters.

“As soon as you walk up the stairs to the third floor, you’re hit with these flashing lights, like when you go to a real movie theater,” Lord explains. “You feel like you’re on a Disney World ride—or like an Epcot ride. It’s dark. It smells like a movie theater. It looks like a movie theater.”

The snack bar comes equipped with a popcorn machine, refrigerator, and sink.

A wave of your hand near the life-size Darth Vader statue creates movie-type magic.

“Right behind the poster of the movie, you actually put your hand into this little area, and it opens the door for you automatically. Behind the door is the theater.” Exterior ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Interior ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Interior ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Dining area ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Kitchen ( Mammoth Hammer Media) Beyond the plush theater, the rest of the four-bedroom house offers plenty of stately elegance, with huge windows, high ceilings, and an open floor plan. A large kitchen features new appliances and a huge island.“It’s very understated inside. There are a lot of beautiful moldings, marble floors, real hardwood floors, and beautiful windows that look out over a little pond,” Lord says. Bathroom ( […]

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