Tech Tycoon David Sacks Upgrades to $23.2 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion

Tech Tycoon David Sacks Upgrades to $23.2 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion

Though he’s long been primarily based in Northern California’s Bay Area, David Sacks has been on a coast-to-coast real estate tear over the past couple of years. His pricey real estate journey has taken him to Silicon Valley — where he recently sold a $22 million estate to famed corporate mogul Bill McDermott — and to Miami, where earlier this year he dropped $17 million on an all-new Miami Beach mansion . And the South Africa native also put the finishing touches on a years-long renovation of his San Francisco mansion , located on the so-called “Billionaires’ Row.” The two-parcel estate, one of the city’s largest, was last assessed at more than $44 million.

Now Sacks is turning his attention to Los Angeles. For the last 20 years, he’s owned a house here, a modern estate tucked deep into the mountains above Beverly Hills. Acquired way back in 2002 for $3.4 million, that home is famed for its starring role in “Pulp Fiction.” Crime lord Marsellus Wallace and his wife Mia Wallace (Ving Rhames and Uma Thurman, respectively) owned the palatial property in the film.

But it’s a good bet the “Pulp Fiction” house will soon hit the market, because records reveal the Yammer cofounder has bought a $23.2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, high above L.A.’s iconic Sunset Strip. The ultra-visible property stands out from its peers thanks to its highly unusual roofline, which is composed of three separate volumes — all of them steeply gabled — that appear woven together in a neat row, linked by their dark metal roofs. Whether you love or loathe the gables — and there are likely many folks on either side of that coin –the place certainly stands out and is guaranteed to evoke a strong reaction. And it’s endlessly dramatic, which the developers intended.

Described in the listing as an “irreplaceable modern farmhouse,” the nearly one-acre property is located on a hidden cul-de-sac just off the main Sunset Plaza drag, with the house lying at the end of a long, gated driveway. The property last sold in 2015 for $13.5 million to the Woodbridge Group , a now-defunct Ponzi scheme run by Robert Shapiro (he’s currently in prison, serving a 25 year sentence.) Woodbridge tore down the original house, and the new build was completed last year and sold to Sacks on behalf of Woodbridge’s bankruptcy proceedings by V iewpoint Collection , a premier developer of Los Angeles luxury homes.

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