Illinois Mansion That Seems To Be Out Of A Harry Potter Movie

Illinois Mansion That Seems To Be Out Of A Harry Potter Movie

Ever dream about living out a Harry Potter fantasy?

There is a mansion here in Illinois, that I believe will make you feel like you’re in a Harry Potter movie. If it doesn’t give you those vibes, then you’ll definitely agree it is from a time of elegance, even if it was only completed in 2001.

Take a look inside the mansion, and prepare to fall in love.

Wait, did we mention, it is a lake house too?

Maybe you’ll see something else out of the house. However, the type of vibe I got from it was straight out of the castle of Hogwarts. I need to stay off Zillow and stop looking at these lakefront homes, but can you blame me? Take a look inside and see if you agree or disagree.

It’s almost like this home is awaiting those first-year students. In all honestly thought. Look at how blue that water is too, and that would all be your own.

The architecture seems almost like it’s from a different time and different country. The home, however, isn’t very old and.
The high ceilings, arched doorways, stain glass window to the side, the flooring. It makes me feel almost like I’m in a Harry Potter movie. Another Side View Of The Sitting Room

This would be a playground for adults basically. I wouldn’t be able to be found in this home…ever!

The wall-to-wall wooden paneling and the elegant chandelier, even the fireplace make you feel like you’re dinning overseas, not here in Illinois. A Cozy Area To Relax.

In the summer months, you have tons of natural lights and can just sit and relax. But, you can also be transported to Diagonalley…I mean enjoy a nice fire. There Is More Than One Place To Cook In This House.

More hidden in the home, but a great place to hide away in the home and get cooking done.

It kind of gives a cross between a hall you’d find at Hogwarts, as well as maybe a church. High ceilings, a chandelier, a fireplace. You’ll be all set to enjoy luxury and maybe all you’ll need next is your owl?

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