Vancouver mansion drops millions off initial listing price

Vancouver mansion drops millions off initial listing price

This massive house has had a couple of million knocked off the price. A massive mansion in Shaughnessy listed as one of the most expensive properties in the province has seen its price decrease by millions over the past two years.

The listing for the home at 1233 Tecumseh Ave. was updated this past week to $33.99 million; it’s one of the highest-priced properties on However, that’s nearly $6 million less than what it was listed for in 2019 , when it was finished.

At that time it was listed for $39,980,000.

At the same time, the market continues to push average housing prices up .

The house is a remarkable structure; in June (when it was listed for $35.8 million) we wrote about it .

It’s got a lot of what you might expect in your average Bond villain lair. A koi pond, enough bedrooms to house the entire line-up of Arcade Fire and a friend and enough bathrooms you could use a new one each day of the week and not run out.

There’s also an 18-person dining room, so Arcade Fire could have a family dinner (look, Spotify is on random and Arcade Fire is coming on a lot today). It overlooks the koi pond (or maybe for sharks in the future?).

It even has its own elevator!

There’s also an accessory building that’s appropriate for someone to stay in. Perhaps Arcade Fire’s manager.

BC Assessment listed the location as one of the most expensive in the province, assessed at just over $17 million. It ranked 103 in the province for highest assessed properties; their sales history for it shows no sales in the last three calendar years.

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