Lila Grace’s shock at mum Kate Moss’s sudden sale of their £10m Highgate mansion

Lila Grace’s shock at mum Kate Moss’s sudden sale of their £10m Highgate mansion

Celebrities wishing to clean up their hedonistic lifestyle have long followed the mantra ‘change your playground, playmates and playthings’.

But the speed with which Kate Moss has decided to flee London for a quiet life in the country has astonished her nearest and dearest.

Kate’s decision to abruptly sell her North London mansion even came as a surprise to daughter Lila Grace, who has spent more than half her life living there. Lila, 19, has told friends: ‘I remember the first time playing hide and seek in this house when it was empty, kind of like how it is now.’

Supermodel Kate, 47, stands to make a tidy profit from the sale – she paid £7.25 million for it in 2011 and it has recently been valued at over £10 million.

Her quirky style was abundant all around the house – the living room even featured two skeletons arranged in the missionary position!

My source tells me: ‘Kate wants to permanently move to her house in the Cotswolds, where she spent most of lockdown with her boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck.

‘This really is the end of an era for London’s Britpop scene, now that the Queen of London is moving out.

‘There have been whispers that Nikolai put pressure on Kate to make this stint of sobriety work for the sake of their relationship. Kate has spent the last month or so really doubling down on her sobriety and has spent time out of London as part of that process. Undoubtedly Lila will want her mum’s health to come first.’

Removal vans were spotted outside the Highgate mansion last week, with a sticker on one box reading: ‘Handle with care: Clothes and dreamcatcher.’

Meanwhile, the troubles of Kate’s half-sister Lottie continue – now she has been scolded by Instagram for breaking its ‘sexual solicitation guidelines’. Lottie teeters close to the edge of decency with semi-pornographic videos for OnlyFans but this is the first time Instagram has taken note of her sordid shenanigans. The platform said she was ‘facilitating, encouraging or co-ordinating sexual activity’. Her reaction? ‘Can’t be a****.’ Classy.

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