The huge mansion the Queen bought Prince William and Kate Middleton as the most outrageously generous wedding present

The huge mansion the Queen bought Prince William and Kate Middleton as the most outrageously generous wedding present

Anmer Hall is a favourite home of the couple Despite the Cambridges calling one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in the entire capital their home – none other than Kensington Palace itself- it is in Norfolk that the family, according to Prince William, “feel most at home”.

It is one place in particular that the family stay; the historic and secluded Anmer House, which oozes centuries of history interwoven with royal presence. Gifted to the Cambridges by the Queen herself as a belated wedding present, it is no wonder the young family love it so much.

But what exactly is Anmer House, the large – and still somewhat unknown – country manor that has hosted generations of the British royals and their most beloved friends, that the future King and Queen love so much?

Firstly, despite its age – the Hall was first built in 1802, with features dating back to the 17th century – Anmer Hall is no stranger to renovation and refurbishment to push it into the modern age. In fact, before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were gifted the house, the Hall underwent £1.5 million worth of refurbishments.

This included a total redirection of interior design, a modernised driveway, and even the addition of a conservatory. They also planted in a collection of trees, to ensure increased privacy.

Boasting ten bedrooms, the Cambridges lived at Anmer from 2015 to 2017 before moving back to London, allegedly for the children’s education and to make Kate and Will’s jobs as full time royals more accessible than working from the Norfolk countryside.

Despite their children being educated in London day schools- and the Duke and Duchess’s jobs demanding the duo be on call in the capital most of the year- the five still manage to find time to retreat back to Anmer whenever possible. An example of this is during the pandemic, in which the family spent many months isolating together in the Hall.

Located just a mere two miles away from Sandringham- another beloved estate by the royal family- Anmer Hall is also perfectly placed for the Christmas season, in which the extended family gather in Norfolk. But, perhaps, it’s not the redesign or the proximity to the Queen that renders Anmer Hall so lovable to the Cambridges, but something else entirely.

An anonymous source leaked to The Sun that “George, Charlotte and Louis are now relishing their freedom in the spacious gardens of Anmer Hall. Climbing frames, a climbing wall and swings are a big part of the Cambridge outdoors activity scene, and Kate will do pond dipping and note-taking to log what they have spotted.” Privacy, proximity, and history. The Queen has certainly set a high bar for wedding presents.

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