A 17th-century mansion that once housed JP Morgan and Napoleon Bonaparte’s brothers is on sale for $93 million

A 17th-century mansion that once housed JP Morgan and Napoleon Bonaparte’s brothers is on sale for $93 million

Denham Place, built in the 1600s, was put on the market by a former cosmetics tycoon.

It was also reportedly used as a location for some James Bond films.

A 12-bedroom mansion near London has gone on the market for £75 million, or around $93 million. Denham Place, a 43-acre residence, was put up for sale after an eight-year restoration process. It was built between 1688 and 1701, per Rightmove . It’s set in 43 acres of parkland that was designed by 18th-century landscape architect Lancelot “Capability” Brown. The building is Grade-I listed.

It’s being sold by Mike Jatania, a multimillionaire cosmetics tycoon who made about $200 million when he sold Lornamead a decade ago.

“In central London, the likes of Ken Griffin and other hedge fund managers have bought properties, so I’m sure the Americans will look at it,” Jatania told Bloomberg. “There’s also been a lot of wealth created in the Middle East recently, and we know families there have a tradition of owning London homes.”

Jatania bought the home from British American Tobacco in 2000 for a reported £20 million ($25 million), per the Guardian. The company had used the site for office space.

The home has only had seven owners over its history, per Bloomberg. One of its most famous occupants was the banker JP Morgan, the founder of what is now America’s biggest bank, JPMorgan Chase. Morgan rented the home in the late 19th century. His son made updates to the property in the early 1900s.

The home was also the residence of the James Bond film franchise coproducer Harry Saltzman. Beauchamp Estates, one of the three agents marketing the home, said the home was used to film some James Bond scenes, per The Guardian.

Even some members of the Bonaparte family dynasty lived in the home for a period.

Between 1834 and 1844, the home was occupied by Napoleon Bonaparte’s brothers, the exiled former King of Naples and Sicily, King Joseph-Napoleon Bonaparte, along with the Prince of Montfort and King of Westphalia, Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte.

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