They record inside a luxurious abandoned mansion owned by Louis Miguel

They record inside a luxurious abandoned mansion owned by Louis Miguel

Lifts, pools and luxurious spaces were found in the abandoned Louis Miguel’s mansion in Acapulco.

The house belonged to the singer before 2013, and after many years of not visiting it, he finally sold it to a real estate company owned by his business friend Jaime Camille and tenant Plesido Domingo.

“What a paradise!” Said the young man, astonished at the orgies of this mansion.

In a short tour you will find an intimate hall, luxurious staircases, carpeted rooms and a large terrace overlooking the sea, as well as a large white room in 1996 when the “El Soul” Argentine journalist Suzanne Kimenez opened the doors of the place for the press. . “I got down a little bit to the architecture of this house, I participated with the decorators and all of them … the house is very Mexican, all the materials used are very natural, they all have to do with Acapulco and the state, which is Guerrero. The shape of the house is round because you get more power from the sun,” he said. Louis Miguel explained in that interview.

He also provided details of some of the places, such as the pool area and the garden, which are deteriorating over time today, and the tops of the herbs almost cover the tennis court, which Hugo can observe and record from a distance.

You can still appreciate the luxury of the furniture and spaces, the walls are white with gold details. To enter, the three young men removed a tree from a door
The short video platform on videos has already reached over 74 thousand likes.

The tour is divided into three parts, and the young man proposed that if his latest video reached 50,000 ‘likes’ he would sleep in that place. “We record everything because we are at home,” he said.

Currently the translator of “Now You Can Go” does not have his own house in Agapulko. When he last visited the port, he also rented one of the houses owned by Don Jaime Camille (RIP) in Punta Diamond. Tags:

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