Most Unique And Rare Double Dome Mansion For Sale In Minnesota

Most Unique And Rare Double Dome Mansion For Sale In Minnesota

Dome Sweet Dome unbelievable mansion is now for sale in Eden Prairie MN for $2.99 million dollars and by the pictures it is worth every penny. Bui The listing ls 6525 Rowland Road in Eden Prairie and was built back in 1977. This home is quite the show piece with a very rare and unique design.

This 6 bedroom 5 bathroom home sits on almost 2 acres of private land and is a 5 minute walk from Bryant Lake Park. Carrie Ledermann, and Jason Zoellner both of Edina Realty, have the listing . Zoellner describes the home as “elegance and fun all rolled up together.”

Zoellner said to Bring Me The News:

“The home would be perfect for a large family that wants a fantasy getaway home for them to grow up noting the current owners are entrepreneurs with four young children. “

This home would be just as appealing to kids as it is to adults since it looks like it came straight out of a movie set. In the first dome you will find an open floor plan of the main living area, a large gourmet kitchen, living room, dining room and three season porch with 360 degrees of natural light.

In the second dome you will find an amusement room that has a spiral tube slide. In that room is an area for games, kitchenette and behind a bookcase is a hidden theater room. along with a guest bedroom. The second dome also contains 4 bedrooms. Outside their are several decks along with a slide down to the backyard. Check out the pictures below to get the full scope of how amazing this house actually is. Living Room Living Room 10 Things You Do If You Were Born And Raised In Minnesota

Say “Let Me Just Sneak Past Ya” Or Something Like It

Do you ever find yourself sneaking past someone at the store or work and saying this phrase? Whether you are squeezing past someone in an airplane aisle or the line at the grocery store, Minnesotans have a knack for saying “let me just sneak right past ya” or something of that nature. At least we are giving people fair warning.

30 degrees is pretty much a heat wave in Minnesota so when the thermometer finally hits 30 after a long and brutal winter, you bet we are outside trading our winter jackets for short sleeves and our snow pants for shorts. It’s warm for us and we like to soak in any bit of sunshine we can.

Snowing? No problem. We are still going to go on a run or grill our dinner outdoors. A little snow doesn’t phase us and since we get so much of it, we’ve learned to adapt. Even a major snowstorm doesn’t really put a damper on our everyday activities.

Driving is when our “Minnesota Nice” really comes out. Even though the rules of the road are laid out in stone for motorists in Minnesota, we still like to be polite on the road. If we […]

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