Inside Lewis Hamilton’s amazing Colorado Mountain mansion that F1 star reveals is a ‘home full of love and memories’

Inside Lewis Hamilton’s amazing Colorado Mountain mansion that F1 star reveals is a ‘home full of love and memories’

LEWIS HAMILTON’S incredible mansion in the Colorado mountains is the place he loves to stay at.

And recently, stunning model Camila Kenrda has been spotted there enjoying it too. The British superstar – who has won seven Formula 1 world championships – has an incredible property portfolio.

In 2019, Hamilton splashed out a whopping £32million on a stunning penthouse in New York.

Prior to that, he paid out £18m on a unique six-bedroom detached villa in West London, which he is currently refurbishing.

He also owns a three-bedroom apartment in Switzerland and like many F1 drivers, he has a house in Monaco.

But in the past, Hamilton has revealed that the place he likes to call home is in Colorado, America.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “I’ve never really been home [before].

“In my winter, I go to the mountains [in Colorado], which I really see as my main home, because it’s a house and it’s full of love and memories from people, the family that come every winter.

“Where I live in Monaco, it’s been somewhere I go back to and I’d call home but it lacks those memories.

“I’d be there for short periods of time. So it’s not been the easiest.” Lewis Hamilton likes to bombard his 20.9million followers with snaps.

Hamilton has given a fans a glimpse of his Colorado home on Instagram.

He has shared a snap of himself enjoying pancakes for breakfast while sat outside.

The F1 star loves to soak up the views and explore the wilderness that surrounds the house. Hamilton has even taken his dogs for a spin around the lake on his paddleboard. There’s no end of activities that he can do while up the mountains with his loved ones. He has sped around on a snowmobile, raced up the hills on his motorbike and snowboarded down the cliffs. The inside of his Colorado pad has been kitted out with as much wood as possible. He has a huge wooden bookshelf, complete with a globe and a number of other statues. Hamilton is currently leading the Driver standings midway through the 2021 F1 season. He’s just eight points clear of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, with eleven races left in the calendar. The British superstar likes to make the most of the incredible views. And back in December, he was knighted in the 2020 New Year’s Honours list.

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