Spectacular Dover House for Sale Is a European Vacation Right at Home

Spectacular Dover House for Sale Is a European Vacation Right at Home

I could seriously look at Real Estate all day. Today, when I should have been working… I was looking through the new listings of Real Estate all around New England. This incredible house at 2 Cullen Bay in Dover, NH just came on the market. (It’s right around the corner from the studios!) Listed by Coldwell Banker Homes, like many other properties on the water for sale, I want it and you will too after you see these pictures. Prime Real Estate in Much Sought After City

Located in beautiful Dover, NH, this house is located on Cullen Bay which leads out to the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, it’s located in Dover, which in my opinion, is one of the best cities in the whole State of New Hampshire. With this house, you could get all the beauty of living on the water without the tourists coming through! How wonderful is that! Dover is not a tourist town. We do have our events, but it doesn’t get the traffic that say….. Hampton or Rye does in the Summer, you know what I mean? The Land is Gorgeous!

The property sits on over 5 acres of land on Cullen Bay. I have to say, I know it’s a lot, but considering what you get with this house, $2,850,000 is a bargain. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s priced to sell. If I bought the property, I wouldn’t want any neighbors except wildlife and with 5 acres, you wouldn’t have to worry about that! Walk around in your skivvies all you want!

Enjoy! And if you buy it, I’ll take the bedroom at the top of the stairs to the right. Spectacular Dover House for Sale Is a European Vacation Right at Home

Gallery Credit: Caldwell Banker Homes Coldwell Banker Homes Don’t Feel like saltwater? No problem. It’s a got a pool

Yeah…. I don’t feel like going all the way to the water, so let’s just take a dip here in the pool, shall we? How gorgeous is this? I am assuming the pool is heated. If not, the deal is off. Oh who am I kidding? I’d take it even if it was -10 just to look at it! Not in the mood for a Pool or the Ocean? There’s a tub… or 2, or 5….

What would this house be without a relaxing spa? Of course, you have to have a view while you soak. When the water comes out, does it already have bubbles in it? That would be a must-have for me… 🙂 Again. Kidding. The water wouldn’t even have to work in this bathroom because there are more. Oh, so many more. Let’s Go By the Sink and Onto the Closet

‘Scuze me…. I need to go through the bathroom and into the walk-in closet. I can only imagine how many shoes I would be able to fit in this bad boy! (actually, I really need space for my jewelry, but that’s coming don’t you […]

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