Huge mansion with indoor swimming pool hidden near Wales’ busiest seaside town

Huge mansion with indoor swimming pool hidden near Wales’ busiest seaside town

Modern mansion hiding in a country park If you’ve ever taken a trip to the seaside at one of Wales’ popular coastal resorts, it has probably included the experience of trying to find a parking space, rushing to find your own little stretch of sand on a crowded beach, and queuing for an ice cream or bag of chips.

All part of a memorable day out beside the seaside. But around a coastal corner, it’s likely that every bustling beach has a quiet and hidden neighbour offering an island of idyllic living away from the noise and the visitors.

And Barry , fondly called Barrybados by local residents, is no exception, offering peace as well as a seaside playground. Around the corner from the main seaside centre of this Vale of Glamorgan town there’s a huge modern mansion with 4.5 acres of land now for sale that probably no-one even knows exists.

It’s also likely that any substantial coastal property nestled within its own land looking out to sea is going to be demanding a premium price should it ever come to market. Again Barry delivers, as this vast abode and yummy slice of land overlooking a country park is now for sale for £1.5m. Special views from this special park. Adding to the special location of this modern mansion for sale is the much-loved Porthkerry Country Park, literally found on the doorstep via a winding lane from this hidden house to the gorgeous fields and woodland beyond.

From this house it’s easy to wander through Cliff Wood, or stroll down to the pebble beach via the designated path, with views of Porthkerry Viaduct as your historic backdrop, as it has direct access to the park.

Driving through the main lane on the edge of the country park, you would not know that through the thick woodland at the side of the road and via a small rural track, there’s a large house nestled into a gently undulating slope. Hidden on a hill – a huge modern mansion with sea views. Elevated position means panoramic view. This elevated location means not only the best position to get access to the best sea views but also the chance to design a house that uses the shallow slope to its advantage. Called Westridge, this house certainly enjoys using the local topography to its advantage, with the slope allowing the construction of a lower ground floor. This additional level of the property includes a leisure suite that includes a swimming pool, gym and sauna; all very sizeable to match the proportions of the whole house.

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