Luxury country mansion has its own castle-style tower

Luxury country mansion has its own castle-style tower

The beauty that is a beast of a building full of brilliant design Nestled within a tiny Welsh country village, surrounded by period properties from a variety of eras, is a substantial contemporary mansion that stands out within the streetscene and it’s an absolute gem.

Like a gorgeous example of a house in a posh part of one of Wales’ cities this modern dream home looks like something out of a glossy interiors and luxury homes magazine.

It would have been easier, and maybe even cheaper, to have built a contemporary box-shaped house on this plot of rural land but instead you find a wonderful property full of design surprises that lead you between its special spaces with effortless flow.

This stunning home is found along one of only two main roads in the Carmarthenshire village of Bronwydd Arms, which sounds more like a pub than a place to live, and if you love modern homes then this house will make you feel drunk with delight.

The luxury home is one to lust after if unique features are at the core of your property search or if elegant interior design is something that you hunt for online to inspire you and influence the decor in your own home.

From the front it’s obvious that this house is a one-off with three storeys of glass ensuring that views of the mesmerising countryside that surround the house and village are always present in every space. It oozes unusual design to inspire. Huge windows and walls of glass at the rear as well as at the front. Looking up from the ample parking spaces, as well as the first-floor balcony, the most intriguing and noticeable feature is the wholly glass ‘tower’ that brings an extra curved dimension to the facade and it’s a style and shape that continues inside the home.

The use of smooth curves as an architectural feature, that easily sets this house apart from so many, is evident from just stepping through the front door.

The hall makes a grand statement – it’s spacious and has a suspended ceiling that creates a well of light in the centre. Hall is spacious and makes a grand entrance. So many houses skimp on space in the entrance space but not this house. A floating, sweeping staircase is one of many outstanding features. The curve of the glass tower first noticed outside is mimicked with a curved inner wall that leads to a vast kitchen diner. There’s continuity between the outside and inside thanks to the use of curves.

But maybe the most impressive feature is the curved, slatted wood, and smooth white-walled staircase that sweeps down the glass tower and into the hall.

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