Beautiful Historic Mansion For Sale in Portland, Maine

Beautiful Historic Mansion For Sale in Portland, Maine

Portland is filled with history and charm through its brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and historic old homes. While these homes are revitalized and spruced up to meet modern needs, they hold onto their history and taking a step inside feels like stepping right into the past.

This home in particular is nestled in right on Brighton Avenue here in Portland and has recently been listed for $1.89M. While that personally isn’t in my own budget, I love looking at old homes scattered around our state to get a taste of history and to see what life would look like if I were part of a different tax bracket.

I don’t know what I love most about this particular spot. The wooden features throughout the home, the natural and warm sunlight brightening up the dark colors, or the antique furniture that I spend hours on Facebook Marketplace looking for myself.

Each room invites you in with its own unique touches and character, whether it’s the wallpaper, the antique art, or the chandelier. The open and spacious rooms create the perfect place to spend time with loved ones and a giant covered porch allows you to spend time outdoors and people watch year-round.

When I think about Brighton Avenue, I don’t picture mansions like this. I’m sure I’ve driven by it hundreds of times and just never noticed. (Props to not being a distracted driver?). When I do see homes like this, I am always dying to get a peek inside. That’s why I stay up to date on real estate postings and Airbnb’s in the area… it let’s you virtually walk right through the doors. Check it out: Take a Look Inside This Beautiful Historic Mansion For Sale in Portland, Maine

Elizabeth Dubios/The Bean Group It could either be a single-family home for someone with a lot of family, perhaps in-laws, or for someone who just wants some extra space.

The history in the home is rich and still holds strong through the stained glass windows, wallpapers, and antique furniture like this chandelier. Historic Inn and B&B For Sale in Victorian Home in Auburn, Maine

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