Is this mansion for sale in Canada ‘eye candy’ or over-the-top?

Is this mansion for sale in Canada ‘eye candy’ or over-the-top?

It looks as if a mansion for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, is trying to steal the thunder from U.S. mega mansions in terms of extravagance.

The “world class luxury residence,” as it’s called in the listing on, is on the real estate market for C$14.8 million and boasts some pretty nifty features scattered throughout its 10,005-square-foot interior. Some can be considered a tad over-the-top.

Or can they?

Features, according to the listing, include: Indoor-outdoor living space

“European Classic exterior”

Opulent finishes

Private gondola


“Control 4 integrated smart home automation”

Power shades

Heated driveway

Spa and swimming pool

Theater Bar Even the staircases and light fixtures can be considered works of art, judging by the photos. And not to ignore that basement, which holds its own with a space that could keep a party entertained for hours on end. The six-bedroom, 11-bathroom dream house even was seen on social media alongside the hashtag #FridayNightZillow. “Hopefully the eye candy will put a smile on your face. $14.88M Canadian,” tweeted @StevenTDennis. “Heated driveway. Not quite sure how to describe this INSANE decor but it pops!” While it’s not large enough to hit mega mansion status (which is constituted as a home over 20,000 square feet , according to Home Stratosphere), the home is certainly appealing thanks to sleekness and style.

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