The price of the Toronto mansion from Schitt’s Creek dropped by $4 million

The price of the Toronto mansion from Schitt’s Creek dropped by $4 million

The stunningly opulent mansion that served as the home of the Rose family before their fall from grace in Schitt’s Creek has been on the market a few times since its famous appearance in the award-winning series , and is still currently listed for sale — though for a far cheaper price than it was previously. The money shot: the recognizable foyer and split staircase seen in Schitt’s Creek. Photo from the Aaron Kirman Group listing. Dubbed “La Belle Mansion,” the sprawling 12-bedroom, 16-bathroom castle-like custom home with too many features to name: carved limestone exterior, a 14-spot driveway, split staircase, sky-high domed ceilings with Sistine Chapel-esque murals, an aquarium, and marble and wrought iron galore.

It also has a full-on banquet hall with dance floor, a home theatre, a billiard room, indoor and outdoor pools, a wine cellar, a four-storey elevator and more, all within an airy 24,000-square-feet of living space. The basement houses a whole suite of amenities reminiscent of a swanky hotel or other public space: movie theatre, billiards, wine cellar, and more. Photo from the Aaron Kirman Group listing. Located at 30 Fifeshire Road near York Mills and Bayview Avenue, it originally came onto the market for $14,980,000 in August 2020, only to be relisted this March at a cool $19,880,000 , which was later changed once more to $21,888,000. Everything about the home screams “luxury.” Photo from the Aaron Kirman Group listing. But it seems that despite the success of the luxury real estate market in the city, nobody has bitten yet, and so the lavish property has now dropped nearly 20 per cent in price — a whole $4 million down to $17,888,000 as of this week.

Given how fierce competition and bidding wars get for virtually any home in Toronto, one would have expected the property to go for multiple millions above asking (as so many homes have done lately).

Agents told blogTO earlier this year that the house’s part in the hit series can actually serve as a drawback, as too many people not actually serious about buying it request to come see it. Manicured grounds, indoor and outdoor pools, carved limestone exterior… the list of features goes on. Photo from the Aaron Kirman Group listing. Alas, it is still sitting waiting for a very unique (and, of course, extremely wealthy) buyer, and the longer it sits on the market, the worse it looks for sellers.

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