Gilded Age Mansion Featured in ‘The Age of Innocence’ on the Market for $6.5 Million

Gilded Age Mansion Featured in ‘The Age of Innocence’ on the Market for $6.5 Million

The New York state mansion, featured in Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence, has hit the market for $6.5 million. Located just 25 miles north of New York City, the property is nestled in the quaint yet upscale town of Irvington-on-Hudson in Westchester County.

The estate, also known as the Villa Nuits, was built in 1853 and boasts nine bedrooms and eight full bathrooms. Expanding across five acres of lush green land, the 12,500-square-foot property rests just beside the Hudson River. Houlihan Lawrence and Daniel Milstein Photography While the impressive mansion welcomed actors Daniel Day-Lewis , Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder for a period of time during the film’s production, it also served as a home for historic noble figures.

Aurora Tishelman and Carolyn Joy , the listing agents from Houlihan Lawrence, spoke with PEOPLE about the Gilded Age property.

“The house captures that time period in which everybody was building these estates. We call them peer houses and this was a peer house to the Rockefellers and Jay Gould,” Tishelman says.

She adds, “Everyone was having these ‘cottages’ built outside of New York City with a carriage trail that brought them up here. And this was one of those homes.” The exterior of the house features Italianate style and green shutters lining each window. An expansive porch welcomes guests into the beautifully carved grand entrance, which is made of limestone imported from Caen, France, according to Tishelman.

Another true-to-the-time amenity is the Billiards room, equipped with a fireplace and pool table. Nestled in the back of the house is the Lord & Burnham glass conservatory, which is recognizable from scenes in The Age of Innocence.

Joy notes the home’s original construction remains. “The house is untouched. It has the same roof that it had and it has the same windows,” she says. Its impressive historical background isn’t the only compelling feature about this property. The basement houses a number of hidden gems such as a media room, wine cellar, sauna, two separate dressing rooms and a catering facility right next to the pool. There is also an elevator inside the house.

Along with a heated pool equipped with an outdoor shower, the exterior of the house includes a “guest cottage with its own acre of property and river views,” Tishelman says, rounding out the luxe amenities.

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